Our job profiles

Today, the banking industry represents an exciting challenge that requires more skills, competencies, flexibility and creativity than ever before. Accordingly, the tasks at s IT Solutions Austria are varied – but there is something all our job profiles have in common: passion and enthusiasm are always welcome!

Project Manager

As a project manager at s IT Solutions Austria, you are responsible for projects of varying size and complexity. You work with various project management methods ranging from classic to agile. In your work, you adhere to the Erste Group’s project management standards and – depending on the level – ideally also draw on a certification or equivalent job experience. You skilfully cope with challenging project conditions and thus ensure the success of the project together with your team.

Business Analyst

You speak both the language of IT and the one of specialist fields? As a business analyst, you identify new business needs together with customers and work out specific requirements for IT systems. In this strategically important position, you introduce new ideas and creative solutions as a consultant. Your innovative approach not only secures and controls customer satisfaction, but the success of projects as well.


Product Manager

As a product or solution manager, you have the overall responsibility for one or even several solutions. In close cooperation with business analysts, project managers and solution analysts, you make sure that the respective solution is ready for use. In your position, however, you ensure that changes and improvements are taken into account. In their area of responsibility, our product or solution managers successfully keep the solutions in question up and running.

Software Developer

Since responsibility for the programming code lies with them, our software developers actively contribute to the success of the company. They are not only in charge of maintaining existing systems/software, but implement and integrate it into the existing software environment. They support the testing phase and ensure that the transition to becoming operational is smooth. You introduce proactive suggestions for improving our software and also act as sparring partner for our architects.


Business Information Management

Business Information Management covers all necessary job profiles that contribute to Business Relationship Management. Starting with business analysts and consultants, their range of tasks covers design and analysis of business processes, services and products. Also, project managers lead business and/or IT projects, taking into account budget requirements, constraints and limits. Both job profiles cover the main interface of change-the-bank tasks in the areas of business and IT.

Software Engineering

The software engineering cluster includes the main profiles of development and software architecture. Software architects manage and control frameworks and processes of software development. Software engineers combine advanced development tasks and technical aspects, and take control over virtual/external development teams. The cluster includes classical software development itself as well as the developer, regardless of their location – it is this profile that is responsible for the programming code.

Solution Management

Solution (application) management combines four profiles. Information system architects (also IT architects) coordinate and control decisions concerning the application architecture in collaboration with other fields of architecture (such as business, software and technology) and are responsible for the design plan of the respective CIO area.

Solution analysts/integrators define technical solutions together with business analysts and integrate acquired products or internal developments (software development) with existing solutions and architecture. Solution quality professionals’ main responsibility is ‘testing’ integrated software.

These job profiles support quality and a steady improvement and integration process. Solution managers assume overall responsibility for a solution and ensure together with all profiles and their associated roles that the solution is ready for use, as well as that changes are documented and improvements are taken into consideration. Change-the-bank activities are supported by all of the aforementioned profiles – while solution management ensures proper operation, project management is a control function.

Technology Management

Technology management combines all the profiles in the field of CTO. In particular, these are the following profiles: technical architects (including technology planning, capacity and availability management and IT services continuity management), technology specialists from various fields (such as network, system, infrastructure, collaboration, communication...), IT operation specialists for operating IT systems (including the service desk function) and managing IT equipment.

IT-Governance and Management Support

The management and support functions cover necessary job profiles for supporting the management in their respective areas of responsibility. Some are used only in CIO or CTO, and a few in both areas.