Personal development

In the IT world, knowledge has a very short shelf-life, which illustrates how important it is for employees to continuously hone their existing skills and acquire new ones. This is why we offer a variety of training possibilities that not only enable our employees to expand their professional expertise but also improve their social skills. They can not only draw on in-house training courses and seminars, but also on a variety of training activities offered by the entire Erste Group.

Possibilities of personal development in
s IT Solutions Austria 

Further professional education

Whether you are rookie or have long-term experience, s IT Solutions Austria offers training options perfectly tailored to employees, locally as well as internationally.

Choose from one of our well-structured multi-modal colleges or from a range of elective training courses that support technical know-how as well as an increase in personal skills.

Your advantage: You meet colleagues from other departments or the entire Erste Group and have the opportunity to build a network that will be useful in your daily work.

Up to date: Aside from IT and banking know-how, current training focuses on agile methods, project management and business analysis, data analysis and user experience.

In cooperation with Erste School, we offer single training sessions and, for experienced employees, occasionally even multi-module business colleges that sometimes feature an international component.

To participate in these programmes you have to have the required work experience and pass a selection process.

"Training and aligning ourselves with state-of-the-art technologies is extremely important for us as an IT provider. However, building on bank-specific know-how is essential for us to be a competent partner for our customers."

Christian Stieglitz, Head of Human Resources 

Development, performance, feedback

At s IT Solutions Austria, you regularly receive clear feedback and a structured evaluation of your performance. Related job profiles are grouped in clusters that not only serve the company, but provide guidance for you and your managers concerning possible career paths as well. In general, it is a managerial task, but it is also your responsibility to actively ensure your personal development and focus on your career. However, HR helps you with the composition and selection of appropriate development measures.

Employee appraisal interview
The annual employee appraisal interview is a key element when defining objectives and evaluating performance and personal skills. Here, we agree together on the next steps to be taken for further development. Since a significant part of the learning process takes place on the job, we can adjust the nature and scope of your tasks together if necessary. Naturally, it is also a matter of deciding on training elements and talking about learning objectives.

Career and talent management

We are convinced that people perform better if they enjoy their job. If you are passionate and have the willingness to work on your personal development as well, you have the opportunity to make your next career move within the framework of one of our talent initiatives, either locally or within the Group as a whole.

We have a plan

Together with your manager, you then create a development plan which supports you in seizing your potential. HR is also there to assist you with making the choice between a management or specialist career, and provides coaches and mentors in each individual case as well.