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Talking to talented team players

Outstanding performance is only possible when employees with personality, talent and experience come together. That is why we delegate as much personal responsibility to our employees as we can, and we look for people who can make us what we are.

Integrated work/study degree program


Combining work experience at Austria's most modern banking group with your studies at UAS Technikum Wien.

Study@FH Technikum Wien, Work@Erste Group

The integrated work/study degree program in computer science at UAS Technikum Wien gives you the opportunity to successfully combine academic studies with practical work  experience: in alternating three-month full-time blocks you first get to cover all fields of computer science at the University of Applied Sciences and then work with us in order to apply and deepen your previously acquired knowledge.

Experienced job coaches will guide and support you in your effort to apply your know-how and acquire further expert skills.

The integrated work/study degree program takes a total of 6 months to complete and will earn you a Bachelor of Science degree.

Our offer to you

Under the guidance of experienced job coaches, you will get to work on innovative themes of Erste Bank & Sparkassen in an accomplished team using cutting-edge working methods. 

With us, flexible working hours are standard practice, and a diverse range of development opportunities and participation in conferences, hackathons, etc., are part and parcel of your on-the-job experience.

We cover your full tuition totalling EUR 363.36 per term.

Last but not least, we offer attractive career opportunities in Austria's leading-edge banking group once you've completed your course of studies.

Find out more about the benefits of working at our company at here:

We want you!

You have passed your secondary school exit exam, preferably from an HTL or secondary school of engineering with an IT focus, and are particularly interested in new technologies? 

You have already acquired basic knowledge in software development, ICT services, project management and/or have previous experience working with agile methods?

You would like to help innovate the future of banking at Austria's leading-edge banking group? 

Then you've come to the right address!

Please note that applications will be eligable as of fall 2021.

Personal development


Lifelong learning is the only option – we in IT know that all too well, but we also know that learning has to be enjoyable and fun to be effective and whet the appetite for 'more'. What does it take? The opportunity to choose from a colourful array of teaching and  learning formats as well as a rich variety of expert fields to put together your very own personal development programme tailored to your needs. That's exactly what we at s IT Solutions Austria offer!

Whether structured, modular colleges, a series of freely selectable courses, online training seminars or collaboration in communities of practice and lots more: you are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to deepening your expert knowledge or your banking know-how and honing your personal skills.

Cooperation rather than do-it-yourself. We write collaboration with a capital C. Should you every come to the point where you have no clue what to do, tap into your network of
colleagues from other departments, divisions or even from across the entire Erste Group.

Up to date: Our 2019 Training Programme lives up to its name 'Future IT Academy' and gives our staff precisely the skills they need to shape up for the future challenges in IT.

The focus is not only on hard IT skills but also on agile methods and the development of agile roles. The agile training courses teach you not only how to work with various agile tools and methods but also give you a leg up on your journey to adopting the right mind-set – true to the motto: „A fool with a tool is still a fool!“


In addition to providing standard classroom training, our colleagues should have the choice of deciding how, where and when they want to learn. By attending Future Hard IT Skill courses offered by online training institutions, keynotes, webinars and full-day Future Learning Days.

A substantial share of the learning is 'on-the-job'. Networking, internal exchange and learning from and with one another is what our daily work together involves. Whether in self-organised agile product teams, using collaboration tools, in communities of practice or in mentoring and shadowing initiatives – anyone who wants to, can learn, every single day!

„IT is driving the future of banking – so, we make sure that our employees are ready to shape the future of banking in the best way possible."

Christian Stieglitz, Head of Human Resources

Career and talent management

We are convinced that people perform better if they enjoy their job. If you are passionate and have the willingness to work on your personal development as well, you have the opportunity to make your next career move within the framework of one of our local or group-wide talent pools and -initiatives.

We have a plan

Draw up a development plan with your supervisor in order to unlock your potential. HR will also be happy to support you when it comes to choosing between a management and a specialist career and provide you with your very own coaches and mentors.

Our application process


The purpose of an effective application process is to find the right person for the right job. In the hope that you and our vacant positions will be a perfect fit, please read through the following five steps carefully so that you can begin your new job without having to worry about complications that could arise as a result of misinformation. We are looking forward to getting to know you!      

1. Online application

You have found an interesting position you would like to apply for? To apply online, simply click ‘apply’ and upload the documents. What is important to us: a complete CV, a meaningful covering letter for the particular position and your current contact information so that we are actually able to contact you. Make sure that your application includes all relevant information. However, the application should not be too long either.

2. Getting to know you personally

If you were able to convince us with your CV and covering letter that you would be a suitable candidate for the position, we then invite you to an initial personal interview with HR as well as the head of the respective department. You should acquaint yourself in advance with our company and the position you are interested in. Depending on the position we invite you, if applicable, to another round of interviews so that we get to know you even better and you can get to know your future team. An interview lasts approximately 1 hour.

3. Our decision about you

If our final decision is in your favour, we will call you to deliver the good news. Then you will receive our official written offer by e-mail. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

4. Your decision about us

We were able to convince you to join our team and choose us as your employer? All questions have been answered and you have provided us with the documents necessary to begin working with us? We will take care of all the necessary steps to ensure you can begin without delay. We are pleased to welcome you as a new colleague!

5. Beginning your career with us

On the first day, your manager and/or your job coach will welcome you and you will meet the whole team. While you are learning the ropes, your job coach will offer support and is the first person you can turn to for help. In the first few days, you will be welcomed by the HR service centre and receive useful information about the company.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

A career with Erste Group