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The term ‘innovation’ has become a widely used buzzword. However, ideas will only really become innovations if they are implemented into new procedures or products that are also successful on the market. In this sense, innovation is the link between IT and the banking world. This is where new approaches and prototypes can be tested and innovative devices used until a new remarkable solution sees the light of day.

Innovation in the style of s IT Solutions Austria

The goal of innovation is to constantly grow as a company, both in terms of our products and our collaboration. We always look for the latest trends in the fields of IT and finance. At the same time, we also see ourselves as an in-house think tank for our colleagues.

Peter Pikisch
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„The literal meaning of innovation is regeneration/renewal – to me, it is essential to question our processes and products again and again and to change them in a way that allows us to be more successful as a company.“

Peter Pikisch, Head of Innovation AT 

Providing space for ideas

Innovation needs space. s IT Solutions Austria provides this space, both figuratively and literally, with creative workshops as well as two rooms in the building specifically designated for this purpose. In one room, our employees can develop creative solutions for the challenges they are facing. In the other one, we build prototypes that are jointly developed with our bank customers.

Innovation for everyone

Novel methods, surprising ideas and critically questioning our own processes are a major part of the range of tasks within the Innovation department. We offer support in terms of processes and methods for entire projects, single products and teams.

At s IT Solutions Austria, innovation is a key issue for each sector and each project. Our department supports all colleagues in finding innovative ways to master their various challenges. 



In the banking business, software development is complex as projects are becoming ever more extensive and, at the same time, technology is undergoing rapid change. Conventional, phase-oriented process models are increasingly unable to offer satisfactory solutions. Agile software development, however, offers new ways to address these challenges.

Scrum? Yes, of course!

For the most part, agile software development at s IT Solutions Austria is based on Scrum.

The advantage of Scrum is that it is a relatively simple model but at the same time provides the necessary foundation for a safe launch. Moreover, it is well-known.

Scrum. But properly!

However, in large organisations like ours, Scrum ‘by the book’ leaves many questions unanswered. How should a customer that does not represent a single company but a whole consortium of banks be integrated? How can agile and conventional approaches be combined in a project? How can agile principles be implemented if the team are working on several sites on two different continents? In this respect, we can already look back on a lot of experience.

"Agile software development means more than to just mark a project as Scrum. We have to change our perspective and take our bank customers with us on that path.”

Hubert Rosicka, Projektleiter und Scrum Master 

© Johannes Kernmayer/Christian Hofer, 22.6.2016

Real teamwork

We demand a certain amount of openness and flexibility from our employees. This is because agile software development requires a great deal of openness to change and even more teamwork. In turn, completely new opportunities for excellent products arise.



Lean is a term coined at the legendary MIT in the 1980s. Today, it is represented in all economic and industrial sectors, including IT. The goal of Lean is to perfectly align all activities across the supply chain and to avoid wasteful practices. Orientating our entrepreneurial actions towards customers is the first priority.

Meeting customer needs efficiently

The voice of our partners in the bank is very important to the employees and the management of s IT Solutions Austria. Therefore, our goal is to steadily improve our processes for them and together with them. Lean management and the methods of LeanSixSigma help us to constantly develop ourselves, as well as our processes, and thus achieve optimal results for our customers and partners.

A clear commitment

The Lean Management department clearly shows that customer orientation and endeavouring to constantly improve our services are firmly embedded in our company from an organisational point of view.

Development Operations


If development (Dev) and operations (Ops) work together closely, synergies are created in the life cycle of software – from development, testing, delivery and deployment to error-free operation. In today's service-oriented world with ever-shorter cycles and accelerating deployments, the interplay between these two disciplines is a critical success factor.

DevOps at s IT Solutions Austria

In order to meet the increasing demands of both bank and end customers, s IT Solutions Austria has, for some time already, been using DevOps to work on closer cooperation between the management of customer requirements and software development.

At the same time, infrastructural systems were updated according to new demands. In this process, virtualisation and automation techniques were increasingly used. This ultimately led to the establishment of a private cloud solution allowing us to use completed infrastructure and platform systems in zero time by clicking a single button.

© Johannes Kernmayer/Christian Hofer, 22.6.2016

"DevOps is our response to changing customer needs and innovation requirements. Developing creative and innovative solutions, we transcend unnecessary internal barriers and bring experts closer together."

Barbara Tiefenbrunner, Head of Monitoring to Change

We still have great plans

But still, the implementation of DevOps at s IT Solutions Austria is far from being complete.

This means that in software development and IT operations, individual teams are continuously reassembled so as to steadily sharpen insight into and understanding of one another by enhancing collaboration.

Future now

Our colleagues from Operations are already working at full speed on expanding the private cloud solution in order to provide developers with a complete self-service portal. As a result, we can reduce or even completely eliminate waiting times for new systems. At s IT Solutions Austria, we create an overall environment in which our most important assets – our employees – can be creative, collaborate under ideal conditions and achieve their goals.

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