In today’s world we depend on hard- and software that work bug-free 24/7 without a noticeable effect on system performance. Operations are one of s IT Solutions Austria’s core tasks. The main goal is to operate all applications and systems without error and interruption. Our focus is on smooth banking business and satisfied end customers.

Because banking never sleeps

s IT Solutions Austria’s operations are subject to stringent regulatory measures and thus the highest security standards. We have two data centres connected by geo-redundant network links. These data centres can automatically draw on emergency power plants to ensure uninterrupted operation of all hardware.

The systems installed in the two data centres are built on a highly available active-active configuration, where one data centre takes on the active component and the other one serves as a backup.

High-performance monitoring

Our systems are monitored 24/7 via remote and central monitoring systems. Any incidents on the levels of hardware, middleware and application are registered in an umbrella-monitoring system without delay, evaluated immediately by automated systems and qualified employees and forwarded to 2nd and 3rd level experts. Of approximately 5,000 incidents that occur per month, only a very small percentage has a noticeable effect on applications. On duty 24/7, our teams solve all other incidents without affecting operations, ensuring that they remain imperceptible.

"Our bank expects smooth, round-the-clock operations as well as protection of confidential customer information from cyber attacks. s IT Solutions Austria provides the protection and stability our partners build on."

Hansjörg Kainz, Head of Tech Delivery

Defending our customer data

In addition to the purely technical monitoring systems, s IT Solutions Austria also operates a cyber defence centre. Possible external and internal threats are constantly evaluated, analysed and checked for possible cyber attacks via state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems.

In case a hacker attack occurs, systems are closed off and isolated immediately. Disturbance sources are separated from all points of access.

Teams thinking beyond borders

Operations have changed considerably over the last few years: a strict allocation of tasks according to technical discipline is outdated. Now, self-learning pattern recognition systems support highly qualified people. Hardware functions are moved to the software level. Today, ‘Software Defined Everything’ requires a change in processes, skill sets, and how our employees work together. Therefore, our teams work across disciplines and across departmental boundaries. We face new challenges through consistent orientation towards new topics and the creation of innovative solutions. This is how we ensure smooth operations for our bank and our bank customers today and tomorrow.