Software development

To an increasing degree, banking no longer takes place between customers and cashiers but between customers and their devices. We develop and create state-of-the-art internet-based applications, related back-end systems (hosts) as well as apps for mobile devices that produce perceptible business benefits to our customers.

Agile together

At s IT Solutions Austria, interdisciplinary teams collaborate closely throughout the entire lifecycle of software development. They have in-depth knowledge of banking processes and at the same time strive for technical excellence. Applying agile process models allows them to work more creatively and relegate administrative issues to the back seat.

We do our homework

This is how our productivity remains at a high level. Just a few examples that demonstrate our determination to always be at the cutting edge: refactoring, test automation, continuous integration and interface modelling with contract-first approaches in a DSL (domain specific language) from which service stubs in the respective technology (such as ReST or SOAP) are generated.

"It is the passion for excellent software that connects us. We learn together and from each other. This is how we continue to expand the limits of what motivated development teams can achieve together."

Frank Bieser, Head of Securities

What we are proud of

Modern programming languages, technologies and principles such as AngularJS, Microservices, DevOps, test-driven development (TDD), collective ownership and much more are visible signs of our professional attitude in terms of state-of-the-art software development. Microservices can be deployed on all our various environments within minutes. To this end, we have built an in-house cloud PaaS (platform as a service) based on current technologies (OpenShift, Docker and Kubernetes).

How do we make all of this happen

Our teams follow an ‘inspect & adapt’ approach to constantly learn and thus improve their work and their software solutions.

We use and visualize data from our development process for fact-based dialogues and to prove our success.

Our managers activate cooperation and enable intensive exchange, for example in communities of practice or developer roundtables.