In the banking business, software development is complex as projects are becoming ever more extensive and, at the same time, technology is undergoing rapid change. Conventional, phase-oriented process models are increasingly unable to offer satisfactory solutions. Agile software development, however, offers new ways to address these challenges.

Scrum? Yes, of course!

For the most part, agile software development at s IT Solutions Austria is based on Scrum.

The advantage of Scrum is that it is a relatively simple model but at the same time provides the necessary foundation for a safe launch. Moreover, it is well-known.

Scrum. But properly!

However, in large organisations like ours, Scrum ‘by the book’ leaves many questions unanswered. How should a customer that does not represent a single company but a whole consortium of banks be integrated? How can agile and conventional approaches be combined in a project? How can agile principles be implemented if the team are working on several sites on two different continents? In this respect, we can already look back on a lot of experience.

"Agile software development means more than to just mark a project as Scrum. We have to change our perspective and take our bank customers with us on that path.”

Hubert Rosicka, Projektleiter und Scrum Master 

© Johannes Kernmayer/Christian Hofer, 22.6.2016

Real teamwork

We demand a certain amount of openness and flexibility from our employees. This is because agile software development requires a great deal of openness to change and even more teamwork. In turn, completely new opportunities for excellent products arise.