Development operations

If development (Dev) and operations (Ops) work together closely, synergies are created in the life cycle of software – from development, testing, delivery and deployment to error-free operation. In today's service-oriented world with ever-shorter cycles and accelerating deployments, the interplay between these two disciplines is a critical success factor.

DevOps at s IT Solutions Austria

In order to meet the increasing demands of both bank and end customers, s IT Solutions Austria has, for some time already, been using DevOps to work on closer cooperation between the management of customer requirements and software development.

At the same time, infrastructural systems were updated according to new demands. In this process, virtualisation and automation techniques were increasingly used. This ultimately led to the establishment of a private cloud solution allowing us to use completed infrastructure and platform systems in zero time by clicking a single button.

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"DevOps is our response to changing customer needs and innovation requirements. Developing creative and innovative solutions, we transcend unnecessary internal barriers and bring experts closer together."

Barbara Tiefenbrunner, Head of Monitoring to Change

We still have great plans

But still, the implementation of DevOps at s IT Solutions Austria is far from being complete.

This means that in software development and IT operations, individual teams are continuously reassembled so as to steadily sharpen insight into and understanding of one another by enhancing collaboration.

Future now

Our colleagues from Operations are already working at full speed on expanding the private cloud solution in order to provide developers with a complete self-service portal. As a result, we can reduce or even completely eliminate waiting times for new systems. At s IT Solutions Austria, we create an overall environment in which our most important assets – our employees – can be creative, collaborate under ideal conditions and achieve their goals.