The term ‘innovation’ has become a widely used buzzword. However, ideas will only really become innovations if they are implemented into new procedures or products that are also successful on the market. In this sense, innovation is the link between IT and the banking world. This is where new approaches and prototypes can be tested and innovative devices used until a new remarkable solution sees the light of day.

Innovation in the style of s IT Solutions Austria

The goal of innovation is to constantly grow as a company, both in terms of our products and our collaboration. We always look for the latest trends in the fields of IT and finance. At the same time, we also see ourselves as an in-house think tank for our colleagues.

Peter Pikisch
Foto: Kernmayer Photography

„The literal meaning of innovation is regeneration/renewal – to me, it is essential to question our processes and products again and again and to change them in a way that allows us to be more successful as a company.“

Peter Pikisch, Head of Innovation AT

Providing space for ideas

Innovation needs space. s IT Solutions Austria provides this space, both figuratively and literally, with creative workshops as well as two rooms in the building specifically designated for this purpose. In one room, our employees can develop creative solutions for the challenges they are facing. In the other one, we build prototypes that are jointly developed with our bank customers.

Innovation for everyone

Novel methods, surprising ideas and critically questioning our own processes are a major part of the range of tasks within the Innovation department. We offer support in terms of processes and methods for entire projects, single products and teams.

At s IT Solutions Austria, innovation is a key issue for each sector and each project. Our department supports all colleagues in finding innovative ways to master their various challenges.