Lean is a term coined at the legendary MIT in the 1980s. Today, it is represented in all economic and industrial sectors, including IT. The goal of Lean is to perfectly align all activities across the supply chain and to avoid wasteful practices. Orientating our entrepreneurial actions towards customers is the first priority.

Meeting customer needs efficiently

The voice of our partners in the bank is very important to the employees and the management of s IT Solutions Austria. Therefore, our goal is to steadily improve our processes for them and together with them. Lean management and the methods of LeanSixSigma help us to constantly develop ourselves, as well as our processes, and thus achieve optimal results for our customers and partners.

"For us, Lean is not a tactic or cost-cutting programme, but a holistic approach that goes hand in hand with the process of completely rethinking our company’s strategy. Aligning our processes and structures with our customers’ needs is our core understanding of lean management."

Gregor Gedlicka, Head of Lean Management 

A clear commitment

The Lean Management department clearly shows that customer orientation and endeavouring to constantly improve our services are firmly embedded in our company from an organisational point of view.