Branch solutions

With banking being in a state of transition, the purpose and design of bank branches change as well. While branches will keep their essential role for banks, communication between them and their customers will develop thanks to technical innovation. For Erste Bank and Sparkassen savings banks in Austria, this is an opportunity to prove they have really understood how the financial industry has to orientate itself in terms of branches.

The new branch

The new branch concept should serve as a prototype for the modernisation of numerous branches in Austria. To this end, as well as to make products and services more transparent, we have collected valuable experience from modern banks and fundamentally rethought the role of the branch.

"Taking into account the changing needs of customers, redesigning branches under the heading of digital integration creates a modern banking experience."

Susanna Schöndorfer, Head of Branch & Workplace

New branch, new IT requirements

The implementation of these ideas is our mission and poses great challenges to the responsible IT units regarding flexibility and innovative strength. We complement the bank with the latest technological developments and an efficient and stable operational management.

How do customers and banks interact today?

Today, financial matters have become routine tasks. More mobile banking via smartphones, ‘intelligent’ machines and the growing use of debit cards have significantly changed the image of the classic bank branch. From processing centres, branches evolve into spaces filled with unusual elements that promote interaction between customers and bank employees.

Images, films, animations and interactive applications also support the dialogue with customers as well. Depending on the situation, customer advisers can use different devices such as tablets when interacting with customers. Staff at other sites can join the conversation in no time via videoconferencing. Virtual communication between customers and banks is also a topic to address in the branch of the future.

Autonomous customers

As customers become more autonomous, the self-service area should be a link between customer advisers and customers. By integrating the self-service area into the banks’ personal service area, customer advisers can focus on the customer, which enhances both service and sales. In order to pique our customers’ curiosity again and to invite them to stay for a bit, we are in the process of developing new concepts in terms of atmospheric room design. The bank branch of the future brings service and the Erste Bank brand to life.