Core banking systems

Core banking solutions, mainframe, and middleware

A reliable and robust core banking system is the heart of any bank and thus an important key to success. From money transfers to savings and financing, our systems in the Core Banking Solutions, Mainframe and Middleware division have to reliably and safely process up to 17 million transactions per day and up to 190 million per month. Accordingly, its responsibilities also include permission systems for data security as well as state-of-the-art mainframe resource management.

More customers than residents in Austria

The core banking services provided by s IT Solutions Austria are tremendous. In addition to the data of all 3.7 million Erste Bank and Sparkassen customers, our customer data systems include those of another 6.2 million people with business relationships in the sector. In accordance with compliance demands, 75,000 users of IT systems are serviced in a central security and access management system.

"A modern, digital bank without a powerful  core banking system is like a pedal-powered sports car."

Anita Prochazka, Head of Portfolio Management Branch & Lending

More self-service kiosks than Austrian municipalities

With more than 4,000 Sparkassen self-service kiosks – twice as many as the number of municipalities in Austria – our team in this area also ensures the population’s round-the-clock access to financial services.