About us 

Our values

Our history

Our future

Our values

What are the principles underlying our actions?

We exemplify appreciation, openness and trust

s IT Solutions Austria focuses on people, not on products. We foster a corporate culture characterised by openness, appreciation and trust, thus laying the foundation for a successful cooperation both within our company and with our customers.

We strive for quality and innovation

We can only maintain our pioneering role among IT providers for the financial sector in the region if we continuously strive for the highest quality and innovative solutions. Despite a stringent regulatory environment and increasing cost pressures, our goal is to win our customers over with services at an outstanding level and the innovative strength of start-ups.

We offer an attractive work environment

Our employees are the backbone of our company. Everything stands or falls with them. That is why we want to create a work environment that inspires top performance not only by offering performance-related pay, but also personal and professional training, as well as equal employment opportunities. Above all, we want to provide the necessary creative space for our employees, promote cooperation that transcends departmental or divisional boundaries, and create an environment that gives rise to innovative ideas and products.

“I greatly respect straightforward people who stick to their word. That’s what everyone can expect of me, but in return, I demand the same from others.”

Dietmar Böckmann, Managing Director

“On the one hand, s IT Solutions Austria stands for competence and technical expertise but also for openness and honesty. Those are two key attributes a company and its employees must have in order to be successful.”

Thomas Kolarik, Managing Director 

Our history

The story of s IT Solutions Austria began more than 50 years ago. In 1968, the company known back then as SPARDAT was founded and took over the data centre business of the Austrian Sparkassen. In 1996, all Austrian Sparkassen outside of Vienna became SPARDAT customers. In 1997, Erste Bank became the company’s majority shareholder. In 2002, its IT system was switched to ‘SPARDAT plus’. In 2005, SPARDAT became part of the Erste Group’s international IT service provider network and was renamed s IT Solutions AT Spardat GmbH. As of 2010, s IT Solutions Austria manages data centre operations for Erste Group as well.

Another important milestone for s IT Solutions Austria took place on 01 July 2016. One company turned into two: Erste Group IT International is now in charge of IT solutions for Erste Group, while s IT Solutions Austria focuses on the Austrian market and thus becomes the general contractor for local solutions for Erste Bank and Sparkassen.

Our future

We are a company with a long history and tradition and have already witnessed many changes. No one can know what the future holds, but we will certainly find ourselves confronted with a – perhaps unforeseen – crossroads that will force us to rethink established strategies. It is a fact, however, that IT is becoming increasingly important for banks.

To best serve our customers in future and to help them strengthen their position on the market, we have to grow – from a traditional bank IT service provider to a modern, innovative IT company.

Our vision:
We are the ‘Tech’ in FinTech and as the leading IT service provider in the region, we offer our customers stability and security – but always in combination with the agility and innovative strength of a FinTech.